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Telecial's Digital Content Catalog

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How it works

Telecial allows your brand to craft content exactly how you want your retailers to share it.

Connect your brand with your retailers to post the right content at the right time.


Create your post

Easily create posts by adding texts, images and videos

Instant Preview

Instantly see how your post will look in both Facebook and Instagram.

Multiple Language Support

Store suggested texts in different languages so it can better adjust to your international retailers.

Category Organization

Create categories to easily organize and maintain your content.

Retailers share your post

Retailers share posts from your catalog directly to their social media accounts

One-click Sharing

Retailers can easily share content to their social media accounts immediately or schedule it for a later date.

Asset Download

Each post’s assets can be downloaded to provide more flexibility to your retailers when using your content.

Content Personalization

Personalize which categories each retailer can see so they share the right content.

Connect with customers

Achieve brand message consistency through all your retailer network to better connect with customers

Telecial's Feature

Improve Brand Awareness

Align your product launches and other marketing initiatives with your local retailers to drive brand awareness and sales.

Maintain Brand Identity

Provide retailers the right content to correctly represent your brand’s identity when reaching customers locally.

Stronger Brand-Retailer Partnerships

Make it simple for retailers to use your content so they can boost their business and your brand.

Time-Saving Features

Telecial makes social media content distribution a seamless process for you and your retailers

Asset organization

Organize your Social Assets

No more sending photos and texts by email or searching multiple folders to find content. Keep all your content in one place for your retailers.

Import content from social media sites

Import Existing Content

Already have your content on your social media accounts? Import it to your catalog including all media and texts!

Asset organization

Monitor All Activity

Track every post that your retailers share. See how they are interacting with your content at all times.

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